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“Empty Bowls”

The Allied Arts Gallery is hosting an event to raise money for the Tri-Cities Food Bank; this event
promotes awareness of hunger in the community.  Empty Bowls works through the
donations of local artists.  The gallery is asking that local artists donate handmade bowls of any media. 
The bowls will be sold at the gallery in February of 2021.  Bowls can be delivered to the
gallery in January.  The gallery, as of now, has restricted hours---Tues through Sat from
noon to 4 pm.  For questions contact Emma Barnes at 509-943-9815 or

This event provides an opportunity for members of the MCW to have an impact on our local community.


Topic: MCWT annual challenge

I asked Pat Miller if he would be kind and select this year’s annual challenge. 
After careful and deliberate thought, Pat and Karen selected a rolling pin for the 2020 challenge.
Pat shared that this project could be done quickly or could take a lot of time.
It can be made of plain or premium wood and can incorporate a multitude of enhancements or
it can be strictly functional. It could be something the maker keeps, gives as a present or donates to the club. The unveiling will be at the December meeting.

I reached into the pot and drew the monthly challenge for October. It is “drink ware.”

Topic: MCWT Chat

Time: 04:30 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
        Every month on the Fourth Thu, until Feb 25, 2021, 7 occurrence(s)

        Jan 28, 2021 04:30 PM
        Feb 25, 2021 04:30 PM

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