Mid Columbia Wood Turners

Everything that you want to know about vacuum chucks

Check out Kelly Craig's Log Cutting Jig

& his Angle Set Up Gauges for Grinders and Belt Sanders

Build a wood burning Tool

Leo's Ornaments Demo (save file to your computer)


Toxicity of Woods

Turning Tips, Tricks and Jigs

Considerations for Choosing a Lathe

AAW Woodturning Fundamentals

Stuff every shop should have

Understanding the Basics of Color,
compliments to Pat Miller

Drilling Fixture

Caliper Tutorial Homemade

Pat Miller's Ring Size Chart

Wood bleach formula

Jerry Decker's Bowl Chuck adapter 

Jerry Johnson's Enhancing Your Turnings
Grinding Wheels
Some Notes on Finishes
Guide to Oil Finishes
Spalted Wood

Karen Miller's Burning Realistic Texture


There are others but these are the ones we have dealt with.


Burnmaster Products



A local brick and mortar source. We have not dealt with them but others in the club have.

L-square Edge Stop - Depth Gauge - Set Up Gauge by KellyCraig 

Small Parts Clamps, by Kelly Craig

Bandsaw Log Holder Jig by Kelly Craig

Click for larger pix.

Kelly CraigKelly CraigKelly Craig



Basic Turning Tool List

Split Bowl Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Floating Vessel Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Mike Rung's VHS Video Library
DVD Video Library

Getting a tree in Paraguay

Woodturning production shop in Paraguay

Stephen Ogle's Vase Jam Chuck
used in this video

A Caution Sign for your shop

Helpful templates/etc for Xmas Show Projects
To download these PDFs, when it comes up from the link, go to File>Save Page.

ToothPick Holder

Set of Scoops

Salt & Pepper Shakers

Salad Utensils

Needle Case

PaperClip Holder

Scissors Holster



BandSaw Helpful Info compliments to Leo Bowman

Turned Off Center Door Stop, by KellyCraig

Email for info 

On this page we will put your jigs and tricks that might help others. Just email me the pictures/text explaining the helpful hints.