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Send me where you find your tools, wood, supplies, and just good deals or unique stuff.

Penn State Industries
Rubber Chucky
North Woods contact me for a discount code
Walton Woodworks

Copper Powder 1 lb $13.00 plus shipping
Man Made turquoise 1 lb from $11.50 to $13.50 plus shipping

Sea Urchins recommended by Leo Bowman

Sea Wick, 1-888-Sea-Wick Lincoln City, OR

American Cabinet Doors in Yakima is now stocking some bowl blanks along with his hardwood lumber, both domestic and exotic.



No Drip Thick Film Epoxy on a 3D surface
Compliments of John Barnay

Everything that you need to know about Toxicity of Woods Compliments to Cinthya Williams

On the matter of wood bleaching using peroxide and sodium hydroxide: You can get 35% peroxide at health food stores. It's sold as food grade. Old Draino formulas contained sodium hydroxide. As well, concrete and deck cleaning formula's are, often, nothing more than sodium hydroxide.  Compliments to Kelly Craig

Pat Miller's Carving Tool Resorces
Big Island Woodturners
Cliff Jones
Pola Hanau
Tim O'Conner
Doug's Woodturning
Mydock Studio
Don Albreaht
Alex Franceschini
Debbie Nicholson

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